mercredi 11 janvier 2006

Le cinéma est toujours là

Grâce à ceux qui ont vraiment envie de raconter des histoires.
In his bleak envisioning of a day in Los Angeles that begins like any other, bombs go off downtown, in Beverly Hills and at the airport; countless people are killed as toxic ash carrying a deadly virus falls like snowflakes; the air becomes unbreathable; thousands are driven from their homes; confusion and misinformation reign; and ordinary citizens are victimized not just by the unseen terrorists but also by their own overwhelmed and unprepared government.

At the center of the story are Brad (Rory Cochrane) and Lexi (Mary McCormack), a couple contending with strains in their marriage. The morning after a fight, Brad has just kissed Lexi off to work when the bombs go off, and the film stays with Brad as he first tries in vain to go find his wife, then barricades himself in their home with plastic and duct tape, and ultimately wrestles with the grim choice of whether to save her or himself.

New-York Times 11 Jan. 06
Fiche Imdb du film Right at your Door

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