mercredi 25 janvier 2006

Grande braderie du cinéma

Les ricains, avec leur surenchère dans le marketing thermonucléaire en sont arrivés à un point où on se fout tellement du spectateur qu'on lui montre toute l'intrigue. En espérant que le client potentiel appréciera ce court-métrage clipesque ? Non mais les produits de base sont tellement peu originaux que la seule solution c'est de les vendre à la criée.
The story seems to have an up-to-the-minute technological twist: Mr. [Harrison] Ford's character, Jack Stanfield, designed the security software for a bank, and now criminals threaten to harm his family unless he helps them bypass the system and carry out the perfect robbery. But the idea of high-tech security is about all that doesn't seem creaky in this trailer, which reveals the entire trajectory of the plot and invites viewers to make jokes at the movie's expense.
"Firewall" opens soon (Feb. 10th), and it seems the trailer is appearing in television commercials every five minutes (sometimes in a shorter version), an advertising blitz meant to lure viewers to a big opening weekend. But all you can think watching the trailer is that Mr. Ford should probably give up the ghost of his Tom Clancy roles, and that Ms. Madsen has capitalized on all those critics awards she won last year for "Sideways" and climbed a rung on the Hollywood ladder. If only they'd chosen a script that didn't make the audience feel it could recite the familiar lines along with them. All together now as Mr. Ford tells the bad guy: "I'm done talking!"
Caryn James pour le NYT (1/25/06)

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