dimanche 30 avril 2006

Papy amorti cherche blockbuster

Mentionné par Leloup cet article du Wall Street Journal nous propose un énième épisode de la série "My cinema is poor but my financier is richly creative". Ce qui est drôle au moins dans l'histoire c'est que les ventes de gadgets Harry Prouter peuvent contribuer à payer le grasse retraite d'un vieux qui a jeté l'ancre quelque part entre la Floride et Saint Barth.
Legendary, which built up a $600 million war chest over the past two years, highlights the tortured path that investors who pick their own films can face. Messrs. Tull and Mednick spent more than a year on the road trying to raise capital. The group of debt and equity participants they ultimately signed included a wide array of institutional investors including the pension fund of the technology and manufacturing giant Honeywell International Corp.
The Legendary dealmakers argued that sophisticated computer software could help make smart selections among a pool of upcoming films offered by Warner Bros. They put their faith in a statistical approach, employing a computer-driven odds assessment technique called a Monte Carlo simulation.
By feeding factors like budget and box-office results into the model, Legendary came up with a set of cost parameters and movie genres that appeared more likely to make money.
In its five-year, 25-movie co-financing deal with Warner Bros., Legendary will put up 50% of the production costs for those films. In exchange, Legendary will receive 50% of the revenue after certain costs and adjustments.

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