mardi 9 mai 2006

Prenez-en de la graine (de réalisateur) !

Emily Hagins a réalisé l'été dernier un petit film de zombies. Elle a treize ans et elle en sait déjà des choses pour son âge !
  • Start pre-production: Decide your cast and crew. I recommend auditions. Auditions are the best. People who show up for auditions will show up for the shoot. Do script read-throughs, that kind of thing. Don't hire your friends. Your friends won't take your direction seriously and they won't show up. I kind of lost some friends over that.

  • Show the film: I applied for a film festival, but I didn't get in. So we just had to save up and I got some money from my grandfather to rent the Alamo Draft House. It's a movie theater/restaurant, and it is really cool. They have a lot of premiers and stuff, but we got it at kind of a discount time. We sold tickets on our website and it sold out online. And we sold t-shirts and little squishy brain things.

  • Work on your next one: I've got many more movies to come. My advice to any young filmmaker is to persevere and if you really enjoy making movies you should stick with it. It is awesome having people watch your movie and like it. And kids can do it too. Technology is available. There is nothing to stop you.

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