mardi 7 février 2006

Qu'est-ce qu'on en a à secouer des Oscars #2006-2

Manohla Dargis, critique en chef du NYT, répond aux questions des lecteurs sur les Oscars. Première question, évidemment : qu'est-ce qu'on en a à secouer  ?
Q. Why do you care about the Oscars?
— G. D. Avazrahani, New York City

A. Well, for starters I love Old Hollywood, so anything even remotely connected to the golden age of studio filmmaking interests me. New Hollywood pales by comparison, of course – though the specialty divisions are helping to ease the pain – but even its simulacrum of old-school glamour and sex is hard to resist. Then there’s the fact that while the Oscars are reliably irritating and often just plain stupid – and boring and silly and wrong – sometimes they draw attention to worthy films and give a boost to equally worthy filmmakers, like the 1997 multiple-nominee Curtis Hanson. (I also like the dresses.)

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