lundi 5 septembre 2005

George W. Bush : un héros très distrait

Evangile du jour : passer pour un crétin pieux c'est encore la meilleure défense contre vents acharnés et marées rationnelles. On recule d'un pas et ça nous fait un homme de paille pour profiter à fond de l'anticyclone des low expectations.
Via le Standblog de Tristan Nitot, un gros délire, parodiant l'encyclopédie libre Wikipedia, pour se dépêcher d'en rire avant qu'il ne soit trop tard :
In 2002, George W. Bush was assassinated by a homosexual pretzel. In retaliation, he declared war on the liberal media, thereby starting the Second Civil War.

In 2003, George W. Bush declared war on Mars and its allies. The brief invasion was declared a success after the tactical nuclear bombing of a Mars chocolate factory in Wichita, Kansas and placing Marvin the Martian on the FBI's most wanted list.

In 2003, it was believed that George Bush declared war on Iraq, but this has been dismissed as Liberal propaganda. Everyone knows that Iraq was liberated in the Happy Smily Revolution.

In 2005, George W. Bush created the Magna Carta, which stated that he was supreme ruler of earth and tacos. However, Cinderella, the great ruler of Antarctica declared war on him stating "No one can rule tacos. Tacos are for all people to share and own equally." The attack on Bush lead to World War 5 and America's 3.75th Great Depression. Eventually Cinderella and Bush were able to settle the feud. They aggreed that Bush would not own Tacos but would be allowed full access to them on weekends. They later got married and had two children, The quaker oats guy and chiquita banana.

In August of 2005, following the aftermath of Hurricane Myexbitch, George W. Bush declared a War on Weather.

In the little spare time that he has, George W. Bush enjoys what he describes as "indulging in the cascade of beauty and thought that was the European Renaissance." :: George W. Bush

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